Proofreading & Proof-editing

Fiction and non-fiction editing that respects your brand's voice

Why choose EMC Editorial Services for Proofreading and Proof-Editing?

I have undertaken formal training with The Publishing Training Centre and am

also committed to continuing professional development.

Extensive experience with the intricacies of the English language after working as an ESL teacher.

Sadly, I don't have an actual invisibility cloak but my aim is not to be seen in your writing. My job is to refine your writing, not make it my own.

I approach every project with diligence, care and attention to detail. You can rely on me to deliver your work on time and to a high standard. 





It was an excellent experience working with Marianne. My PhD supervisor recommended Marianne to me, and I found her proofreading to be very professional, and the feedback was timely. While she helped me improve my thesis, I also learned a lot. 

Xunchang Cheng


I'm Marianne. I'm a proofreader who provides proofreading and proof-editing services to writers, publishers and businesses and students.

Whether you're a publisher, student, author or a small business, I can help you to refine your work and make it the best it can be. Feel free to explore my website to find the service that fits your needs, or, if you can't find what you're looking for, send me an email and I'll see if I can help.

Which service do I need?


Your text has already been copy-edited and it's made it to the proof stage. Now you just need a final check of your writing and formatting to ensure it's ready for publication or submission.


What you get: A detailed eye to pore over spelling,  punctuation, formatting and typesetting.


Your text is in its final form and you want someone to check the spelling and punctuation but also need a more thorough check of the text itself. Perfect for small businesses.

What you get: Everything in the proofreading service plus the flagging of long or wordy sentences, checking cross-references and citations, ensuring bibliographies follow a consistent style. 



If you're interested in working with me, I'd love to hear from you!

Get in touch by emailing directly.

Please note: I usually reply within 48 hours, though at busy times, it may take longer. In those instances, I apologise for any inconvenience.