Are you a professional proofreader?


Yes! I am a PQB qualified proofreader. I trained with The Publishing Training Centre via their assessed distance learning course. I am also an entry-level member of the Chartered Institute of Editing and Proofreading (CIEP) and abide by their Code of Practice.

Do you offer copy-editing, line editing or critiquing?

Sorry, no. I currently do not offer these services but I do plan to in the future. 

Do I need both a proofread and a proof-edit?

No. A proof-edit will include everything a proofread does.

Can I have a sample edit?

Yes. I can provide a sample edit of up to 1,000 words (depending on the length of your project). This will give you a feel for the kinds of edits I might make and will help you decide if I'm the right editor for you.

How much will it cost?

Every job requires a different set of needs so unfortunately I cannot offer a specific rate but if you get in touch, you can provide a sample of your writing for me to edit and I will estimate a cost from that.


For guidance, rates usually fall between £25 and £35 per 1,000 words.


Please note that, if you choose to work with me, I will ask for 50% of the total payment upfront as a deposit.

How long will it take?

Again, this is difficult to say for sure but I can give a rough estimate from the sample you provide. Click here to see an example workflow.

Can I call you or meet face-to-face to talk about my project?

I prefer to correspond via email because I think it's more useful for both of us to have a written log of our conversations to refer back to.

What’s your writing experience?

I was a columnist for an online magazine for two years and have written blog content for travel, beauty and lifestyle businesses on a freelance basis for a total of three years.