So much more than spell-check

Inconsistencies and errors can jump out at a reader and distract them from the pleasure of reading your book or text. You want your readers to be able to fully immerse themselves in the writing you've worked so hard on. That's where a professional proofread comes in.

What Does a Proofread Include?

 Consistent style of headings and captions
Correct and consistent use of abbreviations
Querying of errors and inconsistencies
Consistency in design of text and image elements

✓ Consistent hyphenation and capitalisation

✓ Pagination and sequencing

✓ Paragraph and section breaks

✓ Removal of extraneous letter and line spaces

✓ Standard and consistent spelling, grammar and punctuation

✓ Standard paragraph indentation

✓ Widows, orphans and short lines

✗ Plot or timeline inconsistencies
Fact/date checking
Point-of-view issues
Developmental or story edits
Advising on the appropriate position of illustrations and tables
Ensuring the writing is appropriate for the intended reader
✗ Flagging of long or ambiguous sentences
✗ Cross-checking of figures and tables
Unfortunately I cannot provide a specific rate as each project has a unique set of needs. Please contact me for a quote or see my FAQs for a guideline.
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